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Our Bins

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Buy + Sell Metal

This is not a complete list, however we do buy the following items:

aluminum, select appliances, brass, bronze, cars and car parts, cast iron, copper, lead acid batteries, radiators, scrap steel, stainless steel, used plate, pipe and structural steel and more.

NOTICE: In order for HW Metals & Salvage Ltd. to help curb the recent Catalytic Converter thefts, we have implemented a policy that we will not be buying them from the general public unless they supply a Bona Fide or licensed Catalytic Converter generator.


*items are purchased based on the current market conditions.


We do sell:

Used pipe, beams, plates and structural steel. Please call office as we are cleaning up the yard at this time and not allowing customers in to shop for used material until further notice. 


If you are unable to get the items to us, give us a call and we can pick up with bins.

Garbage Bin Rental + Disposal

HW Metals Ltd now offers services for just about every type of commercial or residential garbage pickup. Whether or not you’ve rented one of our overhead dump bins, we can collect garbage from your home or business.

Metal Recycling Bin Rental + Pick-up

HW Metals Ltd is a metal brokerage and recycles all types of metal from aluminum to zinc. We have lugger and roll bins available for all sorts of construction, commercial and industrial needs.

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